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Welcome to our brand new Blossom Cottage and Vintage Room blog. I will be keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening here on the property, upcoming Rotorua events and attractions in Rotorua and many of the free sight-seeing trips you can make in and around our city. I'll reveal to you what our guests love about staying at Blossom Cottage and The Vintage Room and provide you with any travel tips to make your excursions in Rotorua safer, more interesting and lots of fun.  To top it all off, I'll share with you one of my many delicious, but oh-so-easy ‘secret’ recipes.

Let’s get the ball rolling by telling you a little bit about us:  I am Marianne and I am a Kiwi born and bred Rotorua girl with Dutch parents, who immigrated to Rotorua, New Zealand, in the 1950s. I traveled to The Netherlands for a short holiday with my mum and ended up marrying a Dutchman called René (yes, I know, he’s got a girl’s name, but his full name is Ireneus Titus Maria Pijnaker, so we’ll just stick to ‘René!)   Feeling homesick, I returned to New Zealand with my Dutchman and two young children and settled back into life in my city of birth: beautiful Rotorua.  No other country in the whole world compares to New Zealand and I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have been born and bred in this stunning, diverse country with amazingly resilient, innovative, easy-going (sometimes too easy going!) inhabitants. I also consider myself incredibly lucky to live in Rotorua, the epitome of Maori culture, the home of the flightless Kiwi and in a setting of stunning, steamy, sometimes eggy-smelling, sulphur- laden thermal areas, with an odour that hits me in the nostrils and confirms that I am truly back at home in Rotorua!

Enough about us, though.  In next my blog, I’ll let you into a little secret on what’s so special about spending time at stunning, unique Blossom Cottage and The Vintage Room.

Until next time!


Posted by Marianne on June 08, 2018