Sunrise at Blossom Cottage


TripAdvisor Excellence Award Winner 2012-2018

TripAdvisor Excellence Award Winner 2012-2018

Idyllic Setting

The Vintage Room

Country Kitchen

Queen Bedroom Blossom Cottage

Relaxing Hot Tub

Accommodation & Rates

Both Blossom Cottage and The Vintage Room offer friendly, on-site hosts, peace and quiet and ample parking. There is the opportunity to feed and interact with the animals: sheep, bunnies, ducks, chickens and alpacas on the property and guests can collect the freshly-laid hens’ eggs from the hen-house.Toys, trikes, games, movies, dressing up clothes, sports gear, swings, table tennis and trampoline are available. Blossom Cottage has a spacious private hot tub and on the property is a luxurious Scandinavian sauna. René, your host and on-site massage therapist, can provide a relaxing affordable massage to suit your needs. This is a paradise for young and old and a perfect location for families, friends or romantic couples.